Lashes and Brows lifting online course

10.000,00 kr

In this course you will learn two techniques:  Lashes lift and Brows lift (brows lamination)

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Thank you for being interested in our PhiLashes lift online course.



For this technique we are using creamy based solutions that will leave natural lashes perfectly curled.

Special designed silicon shields are created to make different curls for the clients. We can customize results from very natural curl to very dramatic one.

Hydration, nutrition and revitalization are guaranteed with right technique and formula.

After using Phi LashesiLift technique lashes will appear much longer, thicker, darker and more lifted with long lasting results up to 9 weeks.

It will ultimately open up eyes and there is no more need of wearing mascara every day.


BROWS lift

New beauty trend also known as brows lamination.

It’s unique technique for natural hairs on the brows which is designed to solve problem of hair growing in different directions.

Idea is not to add-in hairs but brush them up in same direction and fix them to keep the shape.

For this process we are using carefully chosen solutions so the hairs will stay in desired form.

Eyebrows will look fluffier, much thicker, more defined with long lasting results.

On the end brows will look much fuller.



PhiLashes lift course is available in English.

Every student will get access to the lessons for 3 months with full support from Master Tatjana Djeric.

After 11 levels that students have to pass, the students are ready to receive PhiLashes lift certificate.

Aspects that will be covered

– introduction

– basic information

– hair anatomy and physiology

– product information and usage guidance

– hygiene and safety

– consultation and patch test

– contraindications

– pre-treatment preparation

– aftercare advice

– step by step process on lashes and brows



* lifting cream 1,5 ml 10/1

* moisturizing serum 1,5 ml 10/1

* neutralizing lotion 1,5 ml 10/1

* lash lift bonder x 1

* lash lift tool × 1

* silicon shield small 10/1

* silicon shield medium 10/1

* silicon shield large 10/1

* eye patches × 5

* eyelash foaming cleanser x 1

* dappen dish x 1

* mascara wands

* microbrush

* phiLashes tape

* glue rings


The starter kit will be sent to your address.


Looking forward seeing you in our Phi LashesiLift online course!

Best Regards

Master Tatjana Djeric