Individual Phibrows course

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Individual Phibrows course is a unique training  where you have possibility to learn and practice one on one with Phibrows Master Tatjana . The main focus is on you, your progress and other problems that you might have during the learning process.

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Phibrows microblading course will last two days + 6 months online education assistance via special Craft Master app for learning. Additionally to this all students will get bonus shading lectures and live demonstrations so students in future work can combine 2 techniques ,microblading and shading.


Craft Master App is available in Norwegian,English,French,Spanish and Serbian language.
The live course is in general in English but if there is a need to have it in Norwegian please let me know and I will provide a training in Norwegian.


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN Phibrows training?

-Craft Master app for learning +6 months online support from Master Tatjana Deric
-Support from Dr. Phi
-Phi app for digital measuring symmetry
– Bonus Machine shading course via CM app and live demonstration
-Skin expert course to be able to learn more about skin and skin’s problems and reach the highest level of expertise
-First class service course about customer care and business advices
– GMC course ,how to get more clients
– Hygiene course
– NEW PREMIUM kit (for about 80 clients)

Kit contains:

1. Blade and Shade disposable tool -30 pcs
2. Microblading Advanced Latex Training kit -1 pcs
3. Phi Blade U 304 -50 pcs
4. Phi Wipes Asept -5 pcs
5. PhiWipes Makeup Remover -5 pcs
6. Skin Candy After Care Balm 10ml -1 pcs
7. Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 10ml- 1 pcs
8. Skin candy Anti Shock 2 10ml – 1pcs
9. Skin Candy Sun and Sweat protection Atere Care Cream 10 ml – 1pcs
10. Skin candy Scar Coverage Gel 10 ml- 1pcs
11. Skin candy Monodes Balm – 50 pcs
12. Phibrows Brown 1 SUPE pigment 5ml -2 pcs
13. Phibrows Brown 2 SUPE pigment 5ml -2 pcs
14. Phibrows Brown 3 SUPE pigment 5ml -2 pcs
15. Phibrows Golden Brown SUPE pigment 5ml -2 pcs
16. Phibrows Fox SUPE pigment 5ml -1 pcs
17. Phibrows Black SUPE pigment 5ml -1 pcs
18. Phibrows Red SUPE pigment 5ml -1 pcs
19. Phibrows Yellow SUPE pigment 5ml- 1pcs
20. Stroke Marker 10ml – 1pcs
21. Phi Glow holder -1pcs
22. BB Compas -1pcs
23. Scissors and Tweezers -1pcs
24. Mirror – 1pcs
25. Sunglasses- 1pcs
26. Phibrow Drawing Pencil Set – 2 pcs


The training course is divided into two parts:

day 1 – introduction, hygenic standards, introduction to products ,pigment theory, aftercare, complete theory when it comes to microblading
In addition to that a practice drawing of the shape with golden ratio compass and drawing of the hair strokes on a skin simulation.
day 2 – education about a symmetry and how to use special Phi App for measuring symmetry ,drawing eyebrows on a “live” model with necessary instructions and supervision.

When you start working a lot of questions will raise and you are going to need all the support you can get.
Beside CM App support you have support from your Master and Dr. Phi.
After this 2-day training you will get a Phibrows diploma of attendance and online you will need to submit 12 levels (homeworks) to your Master via CM app.

When you get finished with all the levels you will receive the Phibrows certificate of Phi Academy “Branko Babic” which is the most valuable and recognized certificate in the world when it comes to microblading market.

Also with this certificate you’re going to be registered in Phibrows World Map and have opportunity to grow up to next levels as Royal Artist,Master assistent, Master ,Grand Master.
Student who get certificate will get personal Phibrows logo and right to use phibrows logo on they work.


To book the date for individual course please contact directly Master Tatjana Deric


For more questions do not hesitate to contact me.

With Kind Regards,

Phibrows Master Tatjana Djeric

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PhiBrows KIT

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